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Thread: Fast Days

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    Fast Days

    I was wondering about fast days, do you just have 1 500 cal meal during the day or space you calories out throughout the day? Does anyone use vlcd shakes of fast days?

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    This is only my second week doing 5:2, previously done SW but found it too restrictive. So far have lost 6lbs. On my fast days I have nothing but water and black coffee until about 1pm when I have a snack of around 120 calories and then usually a ww ready meal and salad at around 7pm. I normally get a bit peckish around 9pm but just have a cuppa.

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    For me, first fast day i ate 180 cals at 7am, then 320 cals at 7pm, then obviously again the following day at 7am (but not a fast day). Today, my second fast day i have not eaten since getting up this morning as i find it difficult to eat so early. I will have all 500 cals at 7pm, or sooner if I'm struggling too much. I thought we had to leave 12 hours between meals?

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