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Thread: 5:2 using meal replacement on fast days.

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    5:2 using meal replacement on fast days.

    Hey IF newbie here. Have done VLCD before to no lasting success. Was going to do slim and save because I want to get this weight off faster and nomal healthy eating/working out doesn't work for me.

    Just wondering if anyone uses VLCD products for fast days?

    And can anyone explain the science behind why women only have 500 calories and men have 600? Read Moseley's book and it's not justifiably explained imo. Especially when on some VLCDs like S&S the amount of calories are based on your weight and bmi rather than your gender?

    I weigh almost as much as my OH plus I'm very active so wondering what difference 100 calories make per fast day?
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    Lots of people use packs and find it easier, personally I prefer food and you can have a fair amount! The cals thing I believe is based on your TDEE which is in the book and on the fast diet website to help you work out what you should have. My guess is he is generalising because men usually need more calories a day? But I am just guessing

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    I'm planning on fasting using packs as I have so many left over! I'm going to have one for lunch and 2 for dinner (I find it easier to skip breakfast) and the rest of the cals for a coffee or 2 with milk!

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