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Thread: Starting 5:2 first day of fasting

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    Hi All,

    I'm Bec and 32. Usually an avid fan of Slimming world but after an incredibly **** 2 years and a really bad break up I fell off the wago and now settled witht he kids I decided to get back on track and have been recently clean eating and tried out the juice plus diet (having never done a shake diet before and not being keen on flavoured milk I decided to give it a miss, after coming off the detox and going onto shakes I didn't lose any weight!)

    Anway, my new partners mother has been doing the 5:2 and she has lost 2.5 stone and is looking great. She's inspired me to give it a go. We are both very similar as in we love good food and wine, eating out. I figured if she could do it for 2 days of the week so could I.

    I'm really interested in the science behind this way of eating.

    Today I plan to eat

    B - 100G Strawberries (33 cals) 100g Raspberries (35 cals) 100g fresh pineapple (43 cals) Greentea (1 cal)

    L - CO-OP snack pack sushi - 143 cals (1 cal)

    D - CO-op Spring Vegetable Soup 1/2 carton - 85 cals. (1 cal)

    And drink plenty of water

    Wish me luck
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    Good luck Bec! I find it's a bit quiet around these boards but I keep rambling helps me! I'm on my 2nd week and so far am loving it! My diary is over on Juddd cakes First Timer. I've subscribed here so feel free to chat away and I'll try to help!
    Starting at 245lbs on 8th April 2014 -JUDDD (&/or 5:2)

    Week 1 : -5.5lbs
    Week 2 : -2lbs

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    Good luck Bec !!

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    Hiya Bec. Good luck with 5:2! I'm also trying this after being on slimming world for about 4 years. I've become very lax with slimming world so it's time for a change :-) xx

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