Hi all,

I'm over from slim and save because my doctor will not allow me to continue as it is causing me kidney problems.
I'm scared and untrusting of myself. As of this morning I'm 17st 3lbs, I started at 20st 5lb back in November.

I'm going to use my remaining S&S products on my fasting days which I think will be really handy as I actually really love them.

I have the book, I'll start reading it tonight. I'm going on holidays with my little girl in 5 weeks and had so hoped to make it into my holiday clothes (mostly size 16 when I'm currently a 20 so that's clearly not going to happen but hey hopefully at some stage during the summer)

I need to get positive about this, if anyone can fast it's me after years and years of on and off vlcds. It's binging I'm really worried about so I'll probably use myfitnesspal on non fast days