Week- 1
Fast day- 1

Today has been my first day on a 5:2 fast day. I haven't found it overly terrible if I am honest. I have a headache but I am putting that down to the lovely cold I caught from camping at the weekend. I have been doing slimming world for a year and have lost 4 stone. I want to see if the 5:2 will boost my losses. I'm giving it a month.
My plan is to have 5 slimming world days and 2 fast days. These will be on Wednesday and Friday. I decided to just have a go today to see how I found it so will have 3 fast days this week. I weigh on a Thursday night. My basic metabolic rate (BMR) says I can have 588 calories a day. I'm aiming for under 500 but an happy to be under 588. This has been my menu today

Breakfast- 100g cherries (52)

Lunch- 2x slices of hovis nimble from a 400g loaf (102)
1/4 pack of quorn roast chicken slices (31)

Dinner- 100g sweet and crunchy salad (22)
7 cherry tomatoes (16)
60g cooked chicken slices (70)
Tesco healthy living chocolate muffin dessert (166)

Total- 459

I do have a flump (30) or a yogurt (51) to use in an emergency later if needed. Next fast day is Wednesday


Slimming worls plus 5:2 diary-image-3197325531.jpg