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Thread: Slim Sip ??

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    Diet: Slim Sip
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    Start Weight: 23st6lb
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    Slim Sip ??

    I have done every diet under the sun, I'm now in the process of gastric banding on NHS.

    I am at my biggest and need to shift some weight so I heard a few reviews of Slim Sip ?

    Basically its sachets and you mix with water 30 mins before meals and it makes you feel full.

    Has anyone else tried this at all ??

    I started today and its working brilliantly I've had half the portions I normally eat !!

    I will do a diary as this keeps me on track

    Slim Sip
    Starting Weight 23.6

    Week 1 -

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    I know it was a few years ago just wondering how you got on with them

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