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Thread: Siobhan's Atkins weight loss Journey

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    Diet: Atkins
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    Siobhan's Atkins weight loss Journey

    So, I've decided to start a diary here - I've been a registered member since 2008, but have not posted anything until recently.

    Like most of you, I'm sure, I have been trying to lose weight for most of my adult life...I've always been bigger...not fat per se, but bigger. Even when I look at pics of when I was younger, I was bigger built than others. I never used to weigh myself at all as I always went by how I felt in my clothes....Only, as the years went by I found myself buying bigger clothes.

    I went from a 12 to a 20 in 3 years while I was with my then boyf. Lost some weight and was a happy size 14-16.
    Met my now husband, that was 9 years ago. Lost weight for the wedding, got pregnant, gained weight, lost some weight, got pregnant again - luckily I didn't gain again - I was 21lbs lighter after having him. He's now a year old....(That 21lbs off came right back....)

    That took me to 237lbs in June this year. I started calorie counting and would quite easily lose 7lbs...then a couple might come back, then a couple more off. I was miserable and so hungry...

    So at 231lbs (16st 7lbs) in Aug this year I decided...enough is enough. I'd done Atkins before (Around 11-12 yrs ago) so I thought, I have nothing to lose except lbs.

    31st Aug I started - Overall, been doing fantastically. Feel fantastic and initially lost amazingly. I have been on Atkins now for almost 11 weeks and am down 21.6lbs and today I entered into the 14's - I am now 14st 13.4lbs. I'm so pleased and very motivated at the moment!

    I plan to log my food here and am always grateful of support and 'kicks up the backside'
    End of Aug-End of Oct: 18.8lbs down
    End of Oct-End of Dec: So Far: 2.8lbs down

    Total loss: 21.6lbs since 31st Aug '14

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    Goal Date: 2013

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 32.7
    Current BMI: 19.2
    Goal BMI: 20.7

    Total Weight Loss: 42.6kg
    Weight to Lose: -4.5kg
    % Lost 41.23%
    Wow your intro sounds so inspiring, youve done amazingly well. Xxx

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