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Thread: Induction breakfast ideas..

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    Induction breakfast ideas..

    Now I love an egg as much as the next person, but I do feel that I am going to quickly tire of them.

    So does anyone else have any yummy breakfast ideas other than eggs?? xx

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    Bacon & mushrooms cooked in coconut oil
    I also like my eggs lightly scrambled with grated cheese. It makes all the difference!

    You could also have cold meats & cheese or, like the Americans, steak. Leftovers is always nice. Fried cabbage with bacon.

    I think some people here like mims sliced, toasted & buttered. If I could eat them & would add marmite. Yummy.

    Really don't think of 'breakfast' foods & have what you fancy. Enjoy!
    Sharon x
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    I agree, change your way of thinking. I often eat left overs from the night before.

    Have a look at the "What are we eating" thread.
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    im not a breakfast person so do strugglee, i normally have a a bag of scratchings when i get to work lol
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    I have become a brekky person, even made scrambled eggs before I left home this morning as I have run out of my mim cereal - need to get back in the kitchen but no time as social life takes over on a Friday for the weekend!
    Bren xx

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    breakfast all the way more the better for me,usual 2 x eggs 2 x sausage bacon and toast(soya bread)


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