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Thread: Low Carb and 5:2

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    Low Carb and 5:2

    Hi, I am starting over again after a break at Christmas and was wondering if anyone has tried combining low carb and 5:2. I've been low carbing for years and although I have lost a great deal of weight I found recently I was tending to stall quite a lot. Just wondering if this approach may give my weight loss a kick that is needs
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    I haven't done it myself as i like eating too much and that's the pleasure of low carb

    However anecdotal evidence is that intermittent fasting works very well with low carb as you are already fat adapted so easy to use your reserves

    I guess my only advice having read a lot is to focus on fasting that works for you not necessarily do a programme like 5:2. There are lots of alternatives like limited windows, morning fasts etc. if you work with your body and dont deprive it with arbitrary rules then should get benefits. Suggest you go to marks daily apple website and see the many good articles on intermittent fasting. Good luck!
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