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Thread: Coming off of atkins

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    Coming off of atkins


    Long time yoyo dieter, new Minimins user.

    I have always had success with Atkins, I've always managed to eventually put on my weight and more after coming off, this was not always immediate and it was definitely down to my bad decisions.

    Has anyone managed to come off for a long period and maintain weight on a 'normal' diet or has the weight always crept back on?

    I have a holiday coming up fairly soon, I may be able to stick to atkins whilst there... but I don't like the fear factor of if I do come out of ketosis that it's curtains for the diet, I know that will trigger me to say what's the point and start the binge eating again.

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    Carbs are Evil

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    You need to find out what number of carbs your body can tolerate to maintain your weight so going through the 4 different phases is vital. It is a lifestyle change so going back to another way of eating would more than likely make you regain the weight you lose x

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    Would you consider one fasting day a week to keep the weight stable?

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    This is for life

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    I have to say that having discovered low carb I can't go back to "normal" eating. Why? Well it makes me hungry, I have no will power, I pack on pounds the minute I do. Oh yes and grains give me tummy ache and boils. And carbs make me lethargic and hungry (or greedy & lazy if we read national newspapers)

    I'm into year 3 living low carb, love cooking and eating, have no fears asking for what I need to eat out, life is good - but not a "normal" carby diet! I have just accepted that it isn't healthy for me to eat what other people do!
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