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Thread: Are you supposed to stay in ketosis when doing owl?

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    Are you supposed to stay in ketosis when doing owl?

    Hi all,

    I've been doing induction phase for a while now, naughty I know, it's been about 3months with the odd cheat day.

    I'm eager to move on to owl to lose the remaining stone.

    I'm just simply wondering if it's meant to keep you in ketosis? The foods that you can eat make me think it will kick me out of ketosis.

    I don't mind a slow loss I'm scared about gains though.

    Any info or experiences would be much appreciated.

    Binni xxx

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    I personally did stay in ketosis during OWL provided I kept careful track of my carb intake. You just have to find the level that works for you; add 5g of carbs each day for one or two weeks at a time (just 5g daily - not an extra 5g per day!). If you are still losing, try adding 5g more. When you stop losing weight and/or start to feel hungry, cut back 5g. Soon you'll find the right level for you.

    The same applies to pre-maintenance and maintenance but both can be scary because the objective is to COME OUT OF ketosis LOL. Don't worry about that right now. Just add carbs cautiously and be sure to add foods in accordance with the Atkins Pyramid - in the order suggested x.

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