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Thread: eating out?

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    eating out?

    i know this has been asked 1000's of times but what about eating out,

    any tips of places to go, foods to eat etc? im so paranoid about eating chicken pumped with stuff like at kfc etc, so whats ok?

    i was thinking about harvester - chicken and all you can eat salad?
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    Usually when i go out i order seafood and different "light" salads (salads with seafood are great too;-)) Seafood is low in calories, no fat at all ( of course if it is not fried with litres of oil!). I am sooooo enough of chicken at home that i do not even think about KFC))

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    If I go for a pub lunch I usually go for roast chicken with a salad or gammon steak and egg. I always tell them no salad dressing but mayo is fine.
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