Hi all
Im a long time low carber but tried Lipotrim for 2 weeks. Found it easy enough as in wasn't hungry etc but with not having a sweet tooth I was gagging at the sweet shakes and was actually sick at one point. So back to Atkins for me.
Anyway, I wondered if anyone can answer this as I emailed Lipotrim but they never replied.
The reason for starting Lipotrim was to see results fast. But my first week I only lost 4 pounds. My chemist who weighs me said it was due to the cheese Id eaten (a small matchbox size of cheddar).
But Lipotrim puts you in ketosis so surely cheese would not knock you out of ketosis (being approved on Atkins ketosis).
Also, Im not sure I ever was in ketosis, never had bad breath, never felt weak etc but did the plan for 2 weeks.
Anyway Im back now doing the Atkins induction and enjoying real food again!!!