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Thread: Am i doing it right??

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    10th August, 2008
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    Diet: Atkins
    Height: 5ft5in
    Start Date: 06.12.11
    Start Weight: 15st0lb
    Current Weight: 14st8lb
    Goal Weight: 9st4lb
    Goal Date: March

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    Am i doing it right??

    Hi all, ive been on Atkins/low carb about 6 weeks now and I'm down 17lbs,id be down more but I ate an indian last weekend and it stalled me for five days,never again!!

    My typical day is:
    Breakfast: Ham and cheese or boiled eggs,mayo and ham
    Lunch is cold chicken with lettuce celery,red oinion,cucumber and ceaser dressing-a drop
    Dinner is meat and veg-squash every few days,usually brocolli or cabbage and the odd day sweet potato fries
    The odd day I will eat an orange if I feel bunged.
    I also had a sausage this morning and didn't know if I should?

    I was snacking on nuts but stopped that as I felt it was slowing me down.
    Ive uped my game this week and started working out in the gym,I will either do 25 mins cardio and 15 mins weights or I will swim

    Up to last week pre indian I felt smaller and trimmer but this week I feel pure fat.Im 15.4 today and want to get to 13.4 as my short term drinking a litre and a half of water every day,green tea and maybe one coke zero at lunch.

    Please feel free to pull my regime apart and advise me what I need to change or if there are any obvious good foods I should be eating,all help greatly appreciated

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    3rd January, 2011
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    Diet: Atkins Maintenance
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    Start Weight: 17st9lb
    Current Weight: 11st12.7lb
    Goal Weight: 12st8lb
    Goal Date: 2012

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 37.6
    Current BMI: 25.3
    Goal BMI: 26.8

    Total Weight Loss: 5st10.3lb
    Weight to Lose: -0st9.3lb
    % Lost 32.51%
    Hi there and welcome. How are you doing this week? If you haven't already, then take a look at the stickies thinking of starting Atkins and cheating on Atkins

    I suggest you drop the sweet potatoes as need to go very clean and low carb to start off. Also avoid orange - one orange can throw you out of ketosis and then take a few days to return. If you need help with blocked inards - Atkins recommends physillium husk to help. I swear by spinach (which is yummy too)

    Good luck
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