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Thread: New convert to Biggest Loser (USA)

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    New convert to Biggest Loser (USA)

    Started watching Series 11 and I'm totally hooked! Whenever I feel down, I watch an episode and feel like I can lose the weight!

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    I'm a little addicted to TBL USA I absolutely love it and have seen every series, currently on series 13.
    Compared to the UK version it is 100x better, it gives me so much inspiration!
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    Eating myself thin.

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    im so into BL USA -- any time the programmes are on -- i watch and now have the BF watching them


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    Everyones got their scars
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    US is better than UK series. I've watched the last 5 or 6 seasons. 2 or 3 people on there have inspired me so much. I gave up watching the UK series it go so boring, just stick to the US one now.
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    I love the Aussie BL too, gutted this week when it wasn't on. Come on Phil, you're my hero!
    Katie x x

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    Just recently started watching this on Sky, love it! No idea what season I'm watching though lol, been following the couples one which is nearly finished and a new one has just recently begun. I always spend a lazy Saturday afternoon watching them and it makes me feel so strong on my diet and helps me keep on plan. Anyone else watching right now?

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    I've been watching for a couple of days - watching the most recent season online. I must admit it does motivate me a lot when I'm exercising. I'm thinking if they can do it, so can I! I may be overweight, but I'm not carrying as much as they are! They work SO hard and look so amazing afterwards! And American tv is so super dramatic - I love it!

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    That show and there system is what has got me going. I love to watch them because they overcome their struggles and that is what I need to see. I hit and will hit so many walls and its nice to know that I am not the only one and BL gives me a good idea on how to overcome it all.
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