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Thread: Who follows the biggest loser diet?

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    Who follows the biggest loser diet?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a HUGE fan of the biggest loser USA -- along with Jillian Michael's and Bob Harper. I have so much respect for all those contestants who work so hard every single day and produce amazing weight loss and fitness results!

    I read this article online --

    It's basically the doctor from the show, advising that eating 1050-1200 calories a day with an hour of exercise is safe and what the contestants do on the show.

    Does anybody else follow this plan? I'm intrigued to try it...

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    I love the biggest loser too, (Jillian is my hero!) but they workout about 6 hours a day...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RawrGirl View Post
    I love the biggest loser too, (Jillian is my hero!) but they workout about 6 hours a day...
    It would be nice if I had 6 hours to dedicate to working out in a day.

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