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Thread: Skinny B**chs

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    Skinny B**chs

    Just bought the famous Skinny B**chs book. Going to have a good read this week and hopefully it will inspire me to not only diet, but try and make healthy choices.

    I know this is from a range of books. Anyone else read this range and if so what other books would you recommend? I think I want to read the skinny b**ch in the kitch and the exercise one but I can't think what that one is called lol.

    Any other recommendations of books like this?

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    Im always here!

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    I'm interested in reading these books too. Are they any good Hun?xxx
    The Diary Of A Little Slimming Hippo Called Stacey

    "Being overweight is hard, losing weight is hard, choose your hard"
    "No other cupboards have lights that come on when you open them, so why does the fridge? It just encourages greedy people to eat at night" lol! Quote by Karl Pilkington

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    i have never heard of them, but can u tell something more, are they worth to read? n why?

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    Interesting recipes - if you don't mind vegan. They use coconut oil and tofu quite a bit. There is a website you can google as well.

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    If it's the same book I'm thinking of then yep I like it and I've tried a few of the recipes from it too. Only downside for me was the swearing. I'd love to have given it to my mum as a gift but too much rudeness :-)

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