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Thread: Help! Wedding in 12 weeks!!!

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    Help! Wedding in 12 weeks!!!

    Hi Everyone,
    Looking for help and any tips on how I can lose as much weight as possible for my wedding in 12 weeks!!!! I need to lose about 3 stone but a minimum of 1.5 stone to fit in my dress!!! I have tried so many different diets but always seem to put the weight back on!!! I need a quick fix for the wedding- I know crash diets are not the best but I don't care if I put it back on as long as I feel good on my wedding! I am desperate and it's starting to get me down!
    Please can anyone share your success stories and how you lost weight quickly!
    Thank you x

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    Cambridge diet is great? Xxx

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    Diet: Calorie Counting / SML / Orlistat
    Height: 5ft9in
    Start Date: 17/03/2014
    Start Weight: 19st1.5lb
    Current Weight: 18st6.8lb
    Goal Weight: 13st0lb
    Goal Date: By the wedding! August 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 39.5
    Current BMI: 38.2
    Goal BMI: 26.9

    Total Weight Loss: 0st8.7lb
    Weight to Lose: 5st6.8lb
    % Lost 3.25%
    I've posted some advice about different options on your other post that you made but I'll post it here again too.

    I'd recommend a VLCD if you think you can do it. There are lots around - The SML Diet, Slim & Save, Exante, Cambridge and Lighter Life are all the main ones really. Or if you don't think you can, Slimming World is good. I'm doing SML for my wedding too, it's in August but I want to lose 6 stone Here's a quick run down on each diet.

    Slimming World
    Weekly meeting at 4.95 each, you'll be weighed and receive support. I recommend the meeting rather than going it alone. You have free amounts of certain healthy foods and then a daily set of 'syns' to spend on treats. 2lb a week is a good average loss on it so in 12 weeks I think you would lose around 24lb/1st 10lb.

    Lighter Life
    Fairly expensive but you go to groups like SW, so good if you want that group support. You can have 3 packs per day plus a low carb meal, they give you guidance on portion size, or straight 4 packs a day and no other food. You're limited on your drinks to water, tea and coffee with limited milk and limited amounts of diet fizzy drinks that have no citric acid in. LL varies in price but I think it's around 50-60 a week.

    Cambridge Weight Plan is pretty much the same as Lighter Life but it's 3 packs (they're bigger) and you don't have a group meeting but you do go and see a consultant who will weigh you, measure you and be there to support you when you're struggling. Cost wise it depends again on the consultant and also what you order but is around 45-55.

    Again, the same as LL and Cambridge with the rules, it's 3 packs a day and you buy it online so you don't have a weekly weigh in with anyone, which means you have to be more disciplined yourself. You can always email or call for support though and you have here. Costs is 109 for a 4 week supply (free delivery) if you order the mixed bumper pack but then you don't get to choose your specific packs, if you want to do that the price is higher.

    Slim & Save
    Again, Slim and Save is the same except you have 4 packs a day like Lighter Life as they're slightly smaller so that you spread them out. Again, no group or consultant for face-to-face support but you can email or call, they're good at getting back to you quickly. A 4 week supply is 125 (plus 5 delivery) and at the moment they have a deal where you'd get a some extra bars with that order.

    The SML Diet
    Very similar to Slim and Save really but slightly cheaper. 4 packs a day or 3 plus a low carb protein meal, limited drinks and online ordering with Facebook, email and telephone support when you need it. The cost for a 4 week supply is 121 (including delivery) and they have a 15% off code at the moment.

    So really, it depends on you and what you feel you'll be able to do. Losses on all of the VLCD options average to around 1 stone a month so you COULD lose 3 stone in that time but if you don't think you'd be able to do it, something like Slimming World or Weight Watchers that's a smaller but easier loss might be more suitable. Good luck finding something that works for you and I hope you have an amazing wedding day!
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    I follow slimming world which is fab and not a crash diet so more achievable over 12 weeks. I think 3 pounds a week is achievable if you stay on plan and boost your exercise. At least it was effective like this for me. My friend follows palleo (think that's right) which is basically going back to Palaeolithic (or something like that) times, basically cave man style. Anything they could hunt or find growing is good to eat. Give it a Google, its fab to use as a quick fix and its also heathly unlike Atkins etc. Its hard to wrap your head around at first but there is plenty of information out there to help. I couldn't hack it but that's cause I am used to SW.

    Good luck and keep us updated xx

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    Diet: Healthy eating
    Height: 5ft10in
    Start Date: 08/01/2014
    Start Weight: 16st13lb
    Current Weight: 16st8lb
    Goal Weight: 13st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 34
    Current BMI: 33.3
    Goal BMI: 26.1

    Total Weight Loss: 0st5lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st8lb
    % Lost 2.11%
    Good luck, low calorie and lots of exercise and u will be fine to lose some before the big day, I lost but unfortunately since the wedding it has all come back! xx
    Starting weight 16st 13lb

    Week one: -4lb
    Week Two: sts

    Goal 1: Lose 1 stone by Valentines Day
    Goal 2: Get into 15s
    Goal 3: Get into size 16 Jeans
    Goal 4: Get to wedding weight from August 15st 3lb

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    Diet: Slimming world
    Height: 5ft4in
    Start Date: 02/01/14
    Start Weight: 15st8.5lb
    Current Weight: 11st13lb
    Goal Weight: 9st13lb
    Goal Date: 22/12/15

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 37.5
    Current BMI: 28.7
    Goal BMI: 23.9

    Total Weight Loss: 3st9.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st0lb
    % Lost 23.57%
    Hi I've noticed some time has passed any up dates on how your doing? I'd recommend slimming world as your never hungry and it doesn't really feel like a diet x
    Mini Targets
    lose 7lb DONE
    lose 1stone DONE
    Get Club 10 DONE
    Get into size 16s DONE
    lose 2 stone DONE
    ​Get into size 14s DONE
    Be overweight instead of obese (12 stone) DONE

    lose 4 stone
    Get into 12s (top done)
    healthy bmi (10st 6)

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