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Thread: Bride of summer 2015

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    Bride of summer 2015

    Hello everyone!
    I am getting married in august this year!
    Today I started the CB500 plan and I could use some support !
    I am hoping to lose 25 LBS before June!!!
    Any other brides to be that started the Cambridge 500 plan???

    Hoping to hear from you!!

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    Diet: Low Sodium & SatFat
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    Start Weight: 16st2lb
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    Goal Weight: 11st0lb
    Goal Date: I'm really wondering!?!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 45.6
    Current BMI: 38.8
    Goal BMI: 31.1

    Total Weight Loss: 2st5.8lb
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    Hi MissG, Welcome to the forum and congrats on the forthcoming wedding!

    Not done that particular diet but I'm sure there'll soon be someone who is joining you very soon.
    Great idea to lose some weight so you'll feel your very best for the big day..Keep on jotting down the every day stuff and it will be a great help to see how you are progressing.
    All the very best to you!

    Onwards and Downwards! ..
    Targets: Cals 1200 Carbs 90 SatFat 20 Protein 65 Sodium 1500 Fibre 21

    April 2010 Start weight - 16st 2lb
    2013 January 7th - 14st 8lb ..... December 30th - 13st 6.2lb = 16lbs Loss

    2014 Jan. 6th - 13st 6.4lb --- Dec.31st - 13st10.2lb = 3.8lbs Gain

    Jan. 5th 13st12lb 12th 13st10.8lb 19th STS 26th 13st11.6lb
    Feb.2nd 13st10.4lb 9th STS 17th STS 23rd STS
    March 2nd STS 9th STS 16th 13st9.2lbs 23rd 13st12.2lbs 30th 13st11.6lbs
    April 6th STS 13th 13st10.2lbs 20th STS

    All the world is mad except thee and me and even thee's a little odd!

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    Height: 5ft3in
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    Current Weight: 13st4.4lb
    Goal Weight: 10st7lb
    Goal Date: April..ish

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 33
    Current BMI: 33
    Goal BMI: 26

    Weight to Lose: 2st11.4lb
    % Lost 0%
    Hey MISS G.

    Congrats on your wedding! I get married in less than 4 weeks now. Eek!

    I've been doing exante since January and I'm almost 30lbs down. Not sure how similar what your doing is.

    You can do it!!

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    I'm getting married next month and I'm following a strictly diet plan and program. I just hope I can see results before the exact date. Wish me luck.

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