I used to hang out in the weight watchers section, but now I've moved here.

I tried weight watchers for a year, and lost about a stone and a half but had lots of blips along the way.

I went off plan over christmas and put half a stone back on. I tried going without dieting and eating when I felt hungry but I was making all the wrong choices.

I decided to ditch the diets and eat healthily. I do still want to lose weight so I'm making a lifestyle change.

I'm sticking to 1400 calories per day (according to the NHS guidelines) and aiming to exercise at least 3 times a week. I usually do a 1 mile walk listening to podcasts, and aerobics in front of my TV! I really like the Rosemary Conley ones (not too energetic or complicated) and the Lesley Sansone walking videos.

I struggle with emotional eating/binging as I have depression/anxiety issues. Trying to find things to do that make me feel better and don't involve eating!