Hiya all,

I've decided to give calorie counting a crack.

I've lost weight before with WW (after the birth of my daughters) but a little bit of weight has started to creep on and I need to get it off before it feels unmanageable

I've spent the past 8 months trying to follow WW but I'm struggling to keep my head in the game. I decided that if I'm making the effort to weigh and count why not just follow CC.

So here I am

I want to lose 1 stone 8lbs (which is my little gain and some extra)

Following MFP it wants me to be on 1300 odd to get a 1lb loss but I know realistically I'll struggle to keep to amount so i'm going for 1/2 pound and stick to 1440. I'd rather have more cals, stick to it 100% and get a steady loss, then struggle with the lower cals and keep falling off the plan.

I'll post my food diary for today later this evening

Good luck everyone x