I was doing intermittent fasting for the past year and a bit and lost nearly 4 stone at my lightest but the past 3 months have been very difficult personally and I've managed to gain a huge amount of weight back. My fasting mojo has upped and left. I discovered the scales weren't working when I got a new set and to my horror have put on over a stone when I thought I had sts.

I won't say I've no idea how cos I have It's been a slow slide from Easter choccie, meals out between hospital visiting and treating myself cos of the stress I was under. The final nail in the coffin was a huge hamper of chocolate dh bought me. I ate the lot in 3 days flat. Hic. My jeans still fit - just- but it's a case of here we go again and hoping I'm more accountable now I'm counting. I know from past experience that MFP is not accurate but better then nothing for keeping track.