Hi All!

I'm Gem, 29 from Midlands. Currently slimming down for general health and feeling better but also have the fantastic push of wanting to look amazing on my big day

I have been trying to lose weight for a while now, having put 8 stone on in the last 8 years I'm looking to be a size 12 for my wedding and ultimately make it back down to a size 10. Currently a size 18/20.
I am getting married in 2018 so plenty of time to shed the pounds! We are leaving it so long as we are getting married in New York and want to give family time to save if they want to come, but I must admit the time to slim down is a huge bonus too!

I started SW April last year and lost 7 lbs but couldn't stick it out. I'm a bit cynical and just find the groups a bit too 'cheerleadery'. I then hit a bad patch with health and just gave up to be honest, but I got my 'all clear' health wise this month so am back on it! I was pretty happy to discover I had not put my SW 7lbs back on and had maintained up to early Jan. I have managed to lose a further 6lbs since then too, so up to 13lbs off now.

Decided to do this myself this time as didn't feel SW was for me.
Planning on calorie counting using MFP but am currently on Forever Livings C9 to hopefully get a headstart and much needed confidence boost. On day 2 of the cleanse now and feeling pretty good

My weigh in day will ultimately be a Sunday but I have to weigh myself on Days 1, 3, 6 & 9 of the C9 so I will be a bit all over the place for the next week or so!

Good luck to all others out there!!