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    Tortilla Pizza

    Absolutely delicious!!

    All for only 579 calories!

    1 Mission tortilla - 207 cals
    45g bbq sauce - 57 cals (this gives it such a nice flavour)
    100g frozen red, green & yellow peppers - 28 cals
    62g cooked ham - 68 cals
    100g frozen sweetcorn - 84 cals
    60g grated cheese - 126 cals
    garlic pepper

    Spread bbq sauce over the tortilla, sprinkle with garlic pepper and add the cheese then the rest of the ingredients and put in a fan oven (160) for 15 minutes, serve with lettuce and enjoy!!
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    Yummy! x
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    i saw this and had to try it!

    my version used a tesco plain tortilla, discovery chicago sticky rib BBQ sauce (2tsp), 1/2 bell pepper, 1/2 roasted chicken breast (no skin) and 1tbsp medium cheddar: 372 calories, 39g carbs, 27g protien, 9g fat

    13.64 lbs to go...

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    these go to eleven... GOAL! 55lb/25kg lost!

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    I swear by tortilla pizza,

    I use - Warburtons Square Wrap, tomato puree and Leerdammer Light cheese slices (2xslices), I'm not a fan of pizza toppings, so this is perfect for me and comes in at 283cals, 9g fat, 28g carbs and 20.8g protein

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    Yummy fish 'pie' 444 calories 100 for the potatoes 344 for the 'pie'
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