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Thread: Back again!

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    Back again!

    So this is my 3rd year in a row attempting to get to my goal weight.
    The first year I wasn't too far off, then went away for 3 months and started losing track of my eating and exercise.
    Then last year I was very close to my goal weight and got too confident and settled for where I was, and eventually got into old habits again.
    Luckily I havent ballooned back up and am still nowhere near my original weight, so hopefully this attempt will be succesful and I will be able to develop new and healthy habits to carry with me throughout my life.

    Any support/help/tips any of you have are greatly appreciated as you were all a great support to me during my last two attempts, thanks

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    Hi.. I'm in the same position, got very close to target then got confident and started adding extra bits here and there and before you know it I've put nearly a stone back on!!

    I would like to lose 10lbs and then maintain.

    Good luck x

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