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Thread: Weight watchers to CC advice

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    Weight watchers to CC advice

    Iv been following ww since november last year and lost 24lb so it is working for me, but to be honest im getting a bit bored/fed up with having to count points etc.It seems easier to just look on back of packet etc to see calories.Im in two minds either to stick it out with weight watchers or just start counting cals.
    Has anyone done this and did you find it easier?

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    i used to be on ww, but i wasnt getting much from the points and it worked out without fruit/veg i'd be having 800 calories a day! so ive gone onto calorie counting and exercise as by the time ive lost the weight it'd be in my head its a lifestyle rather than a diet.

    its worked for me so far - had a bad week last week due to personal problems but back on track now.


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    ive done ww loads of times before, problem that i dscovered was the emphasis on eating foods low in points and because i was 17st odd i had like 40 points and it was like all or nothing! id either eat way too many and think it was ok cos i had a lot of points then other day id think ooh something is only 1-2 points or if something was high in points i wouldnt eat it and then be stuck with 20 in the evening which id inevitably use on choc and crisps!!

    cc is the best ive done and the most weight ive ever lost. as you said its so much easier to look on a packet. 200 cals doesnt look as bad as 6 points! im eating so much more healthy food, even tho fruit and veg was free i hardly ever had it. now with cc i count every scrap of lettuce id rather use my cals on fruit and veg than little snacks that are low in points but tend to be not v healthy...

    id recommend cc to anyone, it really is the basic rule of weight loss. eat less do more. no points calculators, no red or green days, no shaker bottles. just the basis of healthy lifestyle. could you really count ww points and go to meetings your whole life???

    hope this helps and i hope you do give it a go and see how easy it is. my attitude has completely changed towards food. with ww i think you can see an end and then think ill go back to eating the way i was before now then and the weight can easily go back on because the diet is over. cc is a way for life. i know they say nothing is off the menu with ww but i wouldnt eat it if it was over a certain amount of points (psychological i think!!) whereas this week already ive had way more chocolate than im proud of! ive lost 32lb in last 5 months, doing cc and regular exercise.

    good luck there is loads of calorie counter apps that make it so simple x
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