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Thread: Why are you losing weight?

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    Why are you losing weight?

    Thought it would be nice (and inspiring) if we shared reasons why we want to lose weight...

    Here's a couple of mine
    1) to set a healthy example for my 2 year old
    2) to try clothes on in a shop and not spend the rest of the day feeling depressed
    3) confidence!

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    i am losing weight because i have realised that when i am not eating healthy and losing weight i tend to let myself go in other ways - like i dont bother dying my hair, wearing make up, shaving my legs! lol - almost as if i feel i am not worth it when i am not making the effort to lose weight - when i am on plan and losing weight i am like a different person, always taking care of my appearance, visiting salons etc - i dont want to back to giving up on myself xxx

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    I'm going to be doing it to set a good example to my baby. Hopefully by their first birthday I will be at goal weight and healthy.

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