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    Fitbit flex

    Does anyone have a fitbit flex/nike fuel band or any of them gizmos? Are they worth it or does it just make things more confusing because you think you are burning more calories than u are coz of general everyday stuff like walking about the house etc?

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    I have a fitbit one and I love it. I sync it to mfp every day and eat back my calories.

    It's fairly spot on for me in terms of what I should lose and what I have.

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    I've been wondering the same thing.

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    I got one a few weeks ago, I love it. The fitbit website gives you a calorie goal to aim for so personally I only ever aim for that. I still track my food using a separate app (my phones to old to support the fitbit app) but I ignore the calorie goal that gives me. Haven't found it a problem and have had pretty good and consistent losses since I got it. The fitbit goal does change throughout the day based on how much you've done but I noticed it changes a lot less than mfp and other calorie trackers do when you log exercise on them.

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