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Thread: What reward will i get on week 6??

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    What reward will i get on week 6??

    My consultant told me if i stick to the diet for 6 weeks. I will get a little something. I am curious and wonder what is it haha ? Anyone knows?
    Cambridge Diet ~ 13/9/13
    Start Weight~ 16st3lb. I lost 1st5lb in 4 weeks. Quitted for a month
    Switching to Exante ~ 27/11/13
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    Re: What reward will i get on week 6??

    No must just be something your individual consultant does to encourage people

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    2lb off = Below previous lowest weight of 18st and in to the 17's!
    6lb off = 7st off (17st 9lb)
    8lb off = 7st 2lb off - 100lb gone!!! (17st 7lb)
    11lb off = 7st 5lb off - 2st off since restart - before 08/10/2013 (birthday!) (17st 4lb)
    13lb off = 7st 7lb off (17st 2lb)
    16lb off = 7st 10lb off and in to the 16's!!!!!! (16st 13lb - that would be bloody amazing!)

    Cambridge hiatus for planned elbow surgery 23/05/2013, followed by unplanned emergency gallbladder surgery 20/06/2013 with complications that lead to a much longer than planned break. All better now (finally). Restart 03/09/2013 at 19st 4lb. Have regained 18lb in 4 months off plan, still 75lb/5st5lb down on the start of the year! Going to be at target for Christmas 2013

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    What reward will i get on week 6??

    A much smaller butt lol
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    Aw wish my consultant had done that! X

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    What was it?
    Start 17st 2lb; To go 80lb
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    Wk 2- 15st 13lb -4lb; 63lb to go
    Wk 3- 15st 12ib -1lb; 62lb to go
    Wk 4- 15st 9lb -3lb; 59lb to go
    Wk 5- 15st 6lb -3lb; 56lb to go
    Wk 6- 15st 3lb -3lb; 53lb to go
    Wk 7- 15st 2lb -1lb; 52lb to go
    Wk 8- 15st 0lb -2lb; 50lb to go

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