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Thread: *Waves Hello to Everyone" SS+ Advice Please

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    *Waves Hello to Everyone" SS+ Advice Please

    I went to see my CDC for the first time last week and came home very excited with my little of box of "Sachets of Hope" as I like to call them. Not one for shakes in any form, I plumped on porridge, rice pudding and soup. Got up the next morning and couldn't wait to get stuck into my porridge. I did the necessary blending etc and lifted the spoon to my eager gob - OMG, I have never tasted anything so vile in all my life, I was actually heaving. Threw it in the bin and frantically had a go at the rice pudding, only for it have the same effect. The soup really wasn't much better.

    I decided to have a bit of a detox, so just carried on drinking water with the odd black coffee thrown in and called my CDC on Sunday to explain my problem. She has now put me on bars. I have 2 lemon bars and one of the choccy ones per day, which is really suiting me well. The bars are palatable in as much as they don't make me heave so I'm happy to carry on.

    The other problem I'm having is the amount of water needed to be drunk. I'm doing it - just - but it's not easy.

    Anyone else had the same issues and if so, did it all work out for you in the end?

    Onwards and upwards, as they say!

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    Thanks for all the responses guys, most informative!

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    Hi RosieCheeks,
    Welcome , i too have 2 lemom bars and a choccy one , sometimes to mix it up i have the cranberry bar , it worked well for me and i have an average loss of about 3lb a week so i was pleased with that !! On the water front , i used to fill up a ltr bottle of water put i just used to pour it into a cup, so i would try to have 1 ltr in the morning , one in the afternoon and one in the evening !!! Have you tried having the chocolate shake hot ??? Good luck x

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