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Thread: Help: need guidance re the stages

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    Help: need guidance re the stages

    Hi, I am currently in week 3 and have my 3rd weigh in tomorrow. I lost a stone and a half before doing Cambridge but need to speed things up and get set for my wedding. I am determined to do this, but have not had much advice from my advisor about what to expect other than being given my food packs and being told good luck, you can do this (very inspirational but not much help for the long term). I've read all the stages and am fully committed to working up the levels until I am at maintenance. However, the much talked about yellow book on the internet has never been seen. So, I was wondering if anyone can advise on approximately when you should move up the stages. I'm currently 13.08 and the goal is to get within a healthy BMI which is 10.06, I have circa 3 stone to go and continue on SS for another 9 weeks. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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    Total Weight Loss: 2st6.2lb
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    Hey Cazza...I'd love to know to when will move up to the next stage - get the feeling my CDC is trying to avoid talking about it so I will stay on SS When i met him i told him didn't know if I wanted to start of SS...he said try one I'm in week 4. I've lost a stone in 3 weeks and get weigh in tomorrow. I'll try and see if I can get some confirmation tomorrow - if i get any news will let you now

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    Hello, it is my understanding you can step up to next step at any time. I have just completed 6 weeks on SS+ and this week (7) have moved up to step 2 so I can introduce a meal. (I haven't been hungry but more missing food) I was worried to continue SS and then end up falling off wagon and bingeing due to the need to eat something, so I decided to step up and introduce protein & veg etc as per step 2. Going ok so far, although interested to see my weight loss will be come weigh day thursday.

    Talk to your counsellor - dont be bullied in to staying on SS if you don't want to!!

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