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Thread: Is 9 stone at 5ft 3" a size 10?

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    Question Is 9 stone at 5ft 3" a size 10?

    Hi all,

    Hope you're all having a good easter break

    Im a bit clueless when it comes to dress sizes etc.. so I thought Id ask here.

    I would love to be a size 8-10, im 5ft 3 inches and currently weigh 14 st and a size 20.

    What weight do I need to be to fit in size 8-10 clothes?


    bm2lm xx

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    Well everyone is different of course and a lot depends on your shape, but I'm 5'3 and at 9 stone I'm a size 8-10. I'm pear shaped so trousers and straight skirts I wear a 10, I've a small waist, so A-line skirts I wear an 8 (still get such a thrill buying size 8's LOL) and tops it depends on the cut, so either an 8 or 10.

    I originally wanted to get down to 9 stone (well 8.13 ) but because of my shape and the fact that more weight came off my top half I stopped at 9 because I would have looked too thin. I still think I've got big thighs, but they are a lot, lot smaller than they were.


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    Common question, but to be honest, it all depends on lots of factors!
    *what shop you're in - dress sizes vary soooo much in each shop, eg: you could be a lovely size 10 in Next, but a 12-14 in Miss Selfridge!
    *what shape you are - you could be a size 10 in jeans, but if you've got big boobs (like me!) then you'll still have to buy a 14 dress to accommodate them and get the waist taken in! So I guess it depends on how curvy or slender you are when you reach your target. And remember - if you used to be really slim - you may not return to that same shape - age + gravity interferes with that one!!!
    *if you exercise - if you start toning up or increase the amount of exercise you do, then muscles weigh more than fat. Therefore, you could find that you're wearing smaller sized clothes (because you've toned up and your shaped has turned lean 'n mean!) but the scales may put you up a few pounds because of the muscle density. Have I lost you yet?! That's why muscley-bods may weigh lots on the scales, but have hardly any fat cells to speak of! Pure muscle!
    I'd say don't be too aware of what the scales say or the label inside your clothes - go by the way you look & feel. If you're happy with how you look in the mirror and feel fab, the other stuff are just numbers!

    Lainey xx

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    Hiya, Im 5ft 4" and have stopped between 10.5 and 11 st, Still maybe what some people would perceive as too heavy, however, I am a size 12 and had never ever been a 12 in my life lol!!!! My avatar photo was taken at bang on 11st and I think thats right for me.

    I really do think as MD says that it goes on your shape, however if you go on a stone a dress size, which is about average then this would be around 9 stone for you, why dont you set 9st as your goal but make sure you dont stress if this is worng, you can always reasses when the time comes.


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    Hi, remembering the days when i was 9 stone (and went to weightwatchers cos i thought i was fat!) i was a snug size 10 in jeans but cos of my 34DD boobs a 12 on top

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