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Thread: New start....again but 100% ready

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    New start....again but 100% ready


    So have done cd before with great success...kept off for a couple of years and then my nan died and all those emotional food habits kicked and and over the last 18 months have put on 3 stone and even though not as heavy as when first started I am so unhappy.... Been trying to start over last 6 months to no avail but now have got the lightbulb moment and now all ready again.

    I have an amazing counsellor who became a close friend and she has been there every step of the way........

    So here it is day 1 sole source.......I want to lose the 3 I have put on plus another 2 and a half so 5 and a half altogether......

    I found here so inspirational last time so will be a frequent visitor

    Shel x

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    Hi shell and well done for getting back to it... Sounds like you've had a hard time but are now ready!!!

    You say you have 15 or 16 weeks to lose your weight, what's happening then? Something fun??

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    welcome back & good luck x

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