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Thread: Omg what happened?!

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    Omg what happened?!

    Iv been spot on for a week now, haven't even thought of food! Not hungry or anything.

    yesterday I had a headache, last night in bed "the voice" was telling me to eat, and it will be okay, telling me what to eat ect!! I didn't, but it's full on scared me, I don't want to cheat at all!!
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    You so deserve a massive round of applause for not giving in. - that's what I call determination hun.
    The 'demons' will always be there trying to get you to eat but you must stay strong and don't give in to them.
    Good luck hun - you certainlly can do t his.
    Today is only my second day but I know those demons will be out there waiting for me!!!!!!
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    Week 4 : 1˝
    Week 5 : ˝ (poorly sick)

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    October challenge - 14 lbs - ˝ lbs lost

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    Well done! You have great will power! Hope today goes well x

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