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Thread: Back after 7 years

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    Back after 7 years

    Here I am about to start on the Cambridge Diet again.

    I lost around 5 stones 7 years ago and managed to maintain for around a year, I then had a spinal fusion due to a long term back injury and gradually over the years I have put around 4 stones back on.

    I see my consultant on Tuesday and can't wait to start again, I feel bloated, lethargic and generally awful at the moment. I know I can do the diet having been successful before, the hard part is going to be maintaining!

    Any tips/encouragement appreciated!

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    Best of luck! I find it hard being a restarter to let go of being angry with myself. I really think that should be the first step, if you haven't already done it!

    Sounds like you've been through the mill a bit, it's definitely time to spoil yourself and lose the weight you've gained. You'll feel so much better!

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    Hi, good luck with your journey, I am also a restarter and lost weight a couple of years ago. It sounds like you have had a really tough time in the last few years, I hope you find success and good health this time around :-)

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