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Thread: Enough is Enough :(

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    Enough is Enough :(

    Ever since Christmas I have alternated between trying to do Slimming World and stuffing my face like a pig!

    I have only ever managed to get down to my idea weight 3 times in my adult life, once in my early 20's with WW, once on Lighter Life in my 40's and last time 2 years ago in my 50's on Cambridge.

    Since losing over 6 stone last time I have now regained 4 of it.

    I am really at the end of my tether with it all and feel overwhelmed by what to do.

    I have CD packs sitting in my kitchen which I got before Christmas but just cant seem to get back onto it. I was all ready to start again on Wednesday but then got into work had a massive row with my boss (nearly walked out) so spent the rest of the day eating crap and licking my wounds!

    Why oh why cant I do this????
    Week 1 -12lbs 12lb
    Week 2 4lbs 16lb
    Week 3 -3lbs 19lb
    Week 4 -3lbs 22lb
    Week 5 -3lbs 25lb
    Week 6 -3lbs 28lb

    Week 7-3lbs 31lb
    Week 8 -STS
    Week 9
    -5lbs 36lb
    Week 10 -STS 36 lb
    Week 11 -5lbs 41 lb
    Week 12 -Cyprus Hols
    Week 13 -4lbs 45 lb
    Week 14 -2lbs- 47lb
    Week 15 -1lb - 48lb

    Week 16 -2lb- 50lb
    Week 17 -3lbs
    Week 18-1lb54lb
    Week 19-1lb55lb
    Week 20 -CYPRUS HOLS
    Week 22-6lbs61lb
    Week 23-4lbs65lb
    Week 25+4lbs-61lb
    Week 26-4.5lbs-65.5lb
    Week 27 Started WW-6.5lb-72lb


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    You can, you really can. Emotions are a ***** but now you need to put yourself first and start this now.

    When you feel crap and a but lost come on here x
    63 pounds to lose........15 weeks to do it

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