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Thread: I slipped

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    I slipped

    Was out shopping today and hadn't had any water or shakes and I was starving. My friend was eating some battered spicy chicken and I ended up eating a few pieces.

    Will this ruin the diet completely?
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    It might knock you out of ketosis and minimise your loss this week but as long as you draw a line and get back into the diet you'll be fine :-)
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    You should be ok in my oppinion...depends how much batter was on the chicken and how much you ate? I ate 3 custard creams and an orange one day and although it affected my ketosis for a day, the next day I was back in ketosis and still lost about 5 lbs that week so I wouldnt worry too much hun, just try to get back on track xx

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    Always draw a line under it and move on immediately.....never wait till the next day as you will keep eating.

    Not was a hiccup x
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    TBH if your on SS you might be fine, I am on step 2 and remaining in ketosis, there are virtually no carbs in chicken so it's just the batter - most people can have up to 70g carbs a day and stay in ketosis, 3 cambridge shakes come in at 42g carbs, and a portion of kfc popcorn chicken (for example) comes in at 15g or carbs so no harm should be done on the ketosis, but the fat may reduce your loss slightly...just realised this thread is almost a week old, how did it pan out?

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