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Thread: Hen do? What to do?!

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    Hen do? What to do?!

    My best friend is getting married soon and were going out for a meal on her hen do, I'm on SS and I'm not planning on drinking any alcohol but at the same time I don't want to just sit there with a shake In a restaurant full if people and all of my friends. What can I eat so it doesn't knock me out of ketosis massively? Anyone been through a similar sort of night out where you had to eat? Any advice would be so helpful! Thanks! Xx

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    Where are you going for a meal?

    If it is Indian have chicken tikka with the salad.

    Otherwise eat either chicken or fish with salad - only greens though, you could have green veg too.

    I think restaurants are more used to us being more demanding so ask for whatever you have cooked without oil. Generally stay off the carbs.

    Have fun.

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    I'd take the car so you have a reason not to drink and stick to plain chicken and salad, most meat's are fine, just avoid carbs or you'll be taken out of ketosis, also make sure you have your shake as well as whatever food you have to keep your vitamins and minerals up Most of all don't beat yourself up about eating, as long as you get right back on plan the next day xx

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