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Thread: How do you cope when your other half is eating?

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    How do you cope when your other half is eating?

    Week 2 of ss is going okay, the hardest thing is when I'm at home and my partner is eating normal food, he cooks for himself which I appreciate but while he's sat there eating burgers I watch sipping soup lol, I haven't felt the need to eat anything just yet but oh god it's hard! Anyone going through the same thing?
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    I did at the beginning. I either asked him to eat in another room or I went in another room. I don't mind so much now as always have my bar at the same time. Think the bars made it easier for me.

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    I'm on step 3 so I get an evening meal and we get to eat together he just has more or slightly different things but the other afternoon he sat at the side of me eating a packet of crisps and I could smell them and they smelt lovely and I really had to resist the urge to bop him one
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    I remind myself its only three months out of my life and im going to not let anyone get in the way of my goal.
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    I'm on SS+ and we tend to eat our evening meal at the same time. I cook on a Monday and Tuesday, Monday isn't bad as my wife is doing the 5:2 diet.

    To be fair to her, she hasn't eaten pizza, burgers or fish & chips since I've started.

    I think looking forward to an evening meal and being able to eat at the same time as my wife by doing the SS+ has been the only thing that has made the diet bearable.
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    I cook every day for my hubby. Some days are easier than others. He doesn't need to lose weight plus its not his fault I'm fat its mine but I'm trying to do something about it xx
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    I walk the dog, Each time my OH and son sit down to a meal I'l chuck my wellies on and go out for 20 mins with the pooch, I do enjoy cooking though, I'm finding my perspectives and opinions on food are changing, I look at a greasy deep fried chip and think "That'd be better oven cooked" or with like spag bol I think " I could have smaller portions and have bigger salad's with it" I'm trying to prepare my mind and body for when I finish the diet and go back to eating normal food's, the way I'm thinking ATM I'm excited to have a healthier way of life xx

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    Please check out my diary (link below)

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    My mantra is "I know what it tastes like and unless I want to stay fat I'm not having it" it is defo working!
    Still trying to get to 11 stone!

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    Week 2- Weigh in 16th Feb - Lost 4lbs
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