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Thread: Possible Porridge Phenomenon?

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    Possible Porridge Phenomenon?

    Sorry, if this has already been "discovered"!

    HI all

    I started yesterday. I ordered 7 porridges to have for breakfast all week. I made my first yesterday and it was foul. I had to throw it away. Sooo I tried to get creative today... I mixed an apple/cinnamon porridge pack with 80 mls of warm water, mixed it up into a ball and then divided it into 3 cookies (sorry I am American) or biscuits to you Brits . I patted them down to look like cookies and put them on a tray and baked them for about 10 minutes, until the edges browned. I think an average oven temp will do...

    I gotta say, they are not bad at all. Certainly nice to chew something! I am just having my cookies with a cup of coffee!

    PS I tried to upload a photo, but can't.

    PPS I am on 810, but it's one for all.

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    Nice idea however, Might be worth checking with your consultant on this as I'm sure this isn't allowed as something to do with killing the nutrients in them. I too hate the porridge. Can't you swap them?

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