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Thread: After cambridge???

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    After cambridge???

    Now i know i am jumping the gun ,,, please din't shoot me ,,, i'm not at target yet , however thinking about the future , has anyone seen the lighterlife 5:2 shakes/bars /soups etc in superdrug????
    What i am wondering is does anyone know if they are the same products as sold in groups ??? I've tried slim and save but hated their shakes, i love most of the cambridge products , but i am thinking afterwards, if i need to return, i don't always want to commit longterm to the plan and i don't really need the counselling bit, any advise if anyone here has done LL before and know of their products ?? X

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    I have never tried LL so can't comment...Lipotrim maintenance veggie soup and caramel bar are more like CD and you can buy them across the counter ...the other Lipotrim maintenance products I found to be very sweet. You can get free samples from their site Welcome to the Lipotrim Website

    Celebrity Slim taste similar to CD and their bars are very nice...they have a good can usually buy them as a single item.

    I am sure if you explained to your CD how you feel she will be able to help you out as she can give you up to a months supply at a time...after all it is a business and she is there to help.
    Love Mini xxx

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