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Thread: Thinking too far ahead

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    Thinking too far ahead

    Hi, newly signed up here after weeks of lurking. Just wanted to ask if anyone had the same tendency I have, that is, thinking of how long this might take and how far I have to go. Does anyone have any tips or motivation for working through those times? I'm out of the first week, when my motivation and excitement were sky-high. Now I'm dwelling on the fact that this might take me the best part of this year. How do you all get through?

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    I'm only on day 28 of ss but I find window shopping on the net helps me in the evenings. I look at clothes I will buy when I get to my first goal.

    Also when I finish my 12 weeks on ss I am going to have a nice steak and chips! That keeps me going. I have the date on my calendar lol. Just that one treat then on to step 2 but will set myself another date to look forward to.

    Don't get me wrong some evenings I am close to breaking point but in the morning I'm so pleased with myself I didn't give in and munch out!

    Keep going and soon the inches you are losing will be enough to motivate you x

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    My motivation is the lovely size 12 clothes that I've hardly worn or never worn. Plus I'm looking forward to throwing out all of my bigger sized, well-worn shapeless things.

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    I think it's almost impossible to think too far ahead. As much as the diet is easier if you take it a day at a time you must be able to see a goal. Once we reach our goals weights the job isn't over we then have to get our heads around always being slim. So knowing what made us eat wrong in the first place and changing those habits is essential to maintaining our new bods. So plan in your head how you're going to look and feel and how you're going to stay the way you want to be. Get a beautiful dress, a bikini, plan a spa day or a holiday. Have whatever floats your boat at hand to spur you on.

    We we can all do this.

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    mine is clothes shopping and more this time round is the gym! I really want to get back into exercise and i'm constantly thinking of ways that i can incorporate this into my life to the extent that i'm considering a gym in my spare room!!!
    Another motivator is my holiday to barbados in August.
    And also, being gererally cleaner and healthier. I quite smoking 6 months ago so my body is finally becoming a temple....its a good feeling!

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