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Thread: Week 1 - 13.5 lbs lost!!!

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    Week 1 - 13.5 lbs lost!!!

    Hi All,

    27 - Male - Starting weight = 16st 11

    I just want to share my success, since I was looking for proof and motivation before I started and now ive seen it first hand.

    I got weighed on day 6 and have lost an incredible 13.5 lbs. I started at 16'11 stone and weighed in at just over 15'11.

    I am on the 810 kcal cambridge plan but without the milk, which im told brings it down to the 700s. Im not the biggest fan of milk so it wasnt an issue. Most of my evening meals have been 245g of grilled chicken breasts, seasoned with fish sauce and mixed herbs. And 80g of broccoli, also grilled. Sometimes having half the allowance of meat and including half the allowance of cottage cheese.

    My exercise:

    2x45min gym sessions consisting of a 2km jog on treadmill (15mins) followed by light weight training.

    1x3hr session at the allotment. Weeding and cutting the pathway lawn.

    Before I started cambridge I tried to find as much info on gyming while on cambridge and couldn't find much, hence why im sharing mine.

    I will try and share my results next week. If anyone has any questions please ask and ill try to help.

    All the best!

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    Wow that's an amazing weighloss !!
    Well done !! X

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    Diet: cambridge diet SS+
    Well done!!! That is incredible!! -- that's what I love about this diet is it makes losing weight so achievable and quick!! Good luck for week 2 xx

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    Diet: 5:2
    Height: 5ft6in
    Start Date: 14/04/2014
    Start Weight: 15st0lb
    Current Weight: 12st1lb
    Goal Weight: 11st7lb
    Goal Date: 22/09/14

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 33.9
    Current BMI: 27.3
    Goal BMI: 26

    Total Weight Loss: 2st13lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st8lb
    % Lost 19.52%
    Wow that's amazing!!! What a fabulous loss for 810/700!

    Current loss: 12lbs and 7.5inches

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    28th April, 2014
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    Diet: Cambridge diet
    Height: 5ft2in
    Start Weight: 12st5lb
    Current Weight: 10st12lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 31.6
    Current BMI: 27.8
    Goal BMI: 25.6

    Total Weight Loss: 1st7lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st12lb
    % Lost 12.14%
    Amazing hun bet you're so pleased! Well done you keep up the good work x

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