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Thread: Meeting CWP tonight! ?

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    Meeting CWP tonight! ?

    Hi all,

    Thought I would pop on to stay hi! I am meeting a CWP consultant tonight to start on the plan. Very excited, I have 10 stone to loose and I've seen people have had great results on Cambridge...
    This forum is great support! X

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    Hi, MrsB, best of luck. I'm part way through my journey, and this forum is a good place to turn to for information, support and motivation. I have/had a total of just over 7 stone to lose, so I know how it feels to have a lot to lose. It soon comes off though on this plan!

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    Good luck! The first week is the hardest but the first weigh in is the most worthwhile! keep focused x

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    Hi Mrs B. How did you find your consultation, have you decided it's for you? Hope you'll come back and check in, always good to know there's somewhere to turn for a bit of support or encouragement. Good luck to you my lovely. X

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