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Thread: Buddy needed for restart

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    Buddy needed for restart

    Hi All

    Im after a support buddy on CD - Im starting CD again - Ive sillily gained back all the weight back i lost on sole source. Ive decided with the failed first week of attempting ss again to try step 3 - im a big gym goer and therefore i will need the extra calories to maintain the activity.
    Im actually feeling very good and excited.

    Any one looking for a buddy or doing step 3?

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    I'm a restarter with my highest ever start weight and this will be the last time I ever do a vcld! Hope you are doing ok!

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    Im a restarter too, on day6 now on SS, we can all do this.xx. good luck all.xx

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    I am a restarter (for the millionth time), I am starting step 3 this time as I wanted to start this week but am off on holiday in 3 weeks so didn't want to just pile on the weight lost doing SS, and while I plan to be sensible there is no way I am doing SS on holiday.

    So far I am loving step 3 and the losses have been better than I expected. I am seeing any loss as a bonus before my holiday, but I just had to get started. Another 4 weeks eating like I was and I would probably have put on a stone.

    How are you finding it?

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    I'm on step 3 until my BMI is low enough to go down to step 2.

    What do you guys eat for dinner?

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