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Thread: well i tried leaving it later before starting to eat

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    well i tried leaving it later before starting to eat

    and it was so much better going to do this every day

    i have been very hungry the last 2 days maybe due to TOTM but anyway was climbing the walls

    today i had to be up and out of the house at 5am for a 5 hour train journey then a day of work followed by same train journey in reverse

    i only had a coffee this morning and when i got to the office started drinking water (they have a lovely chilled water dispenser)
    i had a tetra at 2 and more water amd coffee then a bar at 6 and a dinner (salad and chicken m and s simply amd water) on the train and just now at 10 had another tetra. i am really chuffed as such a challenging day but stuck to it really well!!!

    going to start eating later for a while and see if that curbs my cravings
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    Sounds like one hell of a day! Well done on sticking to the plan so well. Hungry days are easier if you know you've still got something to eat later. I always push more food into the evening if I can as when I'm busy I'm not hungry!

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    Well done! :-) It's great when you find a routine that fits for you.

    I typically have a shake for breakfast, lots of water through the morning, then my food at 3pm, my second shake at 6pm and my last shake at 9pm and have never felt hungry yet.

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    I have mine later too. Defo helps. Good luck.

    Total loss on cambridge - 2 stone 11lb :-)

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    I try not to have my first shake till after 1pm then space the other 2 out sort of 5pm and 8pm ish.x

    you have to find the routine that works for you, well done.xx

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