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Thread: Off plan and ketosis

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    Off plan and ketosis

    F I have one meal off plan will it take me at least 3 days to get back into ketosis again

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    Never mind Louise.. stick with it and know it's all worth while in the end. the saying goes.. Worse things at sea!

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    It depends on what you eat. If you have no carbs then it might not take as long. Atkins friendly meals shouldn't take you out of Ketosis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwetypi View Post
    It depends on what you eat. If you have no carbs then it might not take as long. Atkins friendly meals shouldn't take you out of Ketosis.
    I agree as long as the amount of carbs are kept to a minimum it won't take too long to get back, thats if u get knocked out of it in the first place
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