Hi All!

I'm not a newbie, I joined this site a couple of years ago when I first started the Cambridge diet. I did really well and lost 3 stone in 11 weeks. Sadly because of the cost I had to come off and started Slim and Save, and never quite got the results I wanted. I think not having a consultant each week made me feel like I could cheat. Also I believe the carb count is higher in SnS packs too, so the weight never seemed to come off as much as it did when I was on CWP.

Fast forward a little while and I am back on the weight I started at 2 years ago, and I have decided to come back to CWP. I know there is less choice, but I forgot how good the quality of the packs are!

I'm on day 3 at present and weighing in on Friday ( I know it's less than a week but the only day I was available)

Looking forward to dropping that weight and losing at least a couple of stones by Christmas!

It's good to be back!