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Thread: week 2...deflated already???

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    week 2...deflated already???

    Hi All I am very new to CD and just come across this forum and would love to join in the chat!

    Have been doing SS+ for 11 days now - had an amazing 8lb loss first week but am feeling like it's not going to be a good one this week!!...I haven't cheated at all and am trying to drink as much water as humanly possible! - but my scales at home don't seem to be shifting... any tips before weigh in on thurs???? I worry that if its a bad loss I will struggle to keep going

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    Hello, well done on your first week!
    I'm afraid i haven't started the diet yet so can't really comment but I'm sure if you stick to the plan 100% there's no way you won't lose weight! When I've dieted in the past and weighed every day it does feel like the scales don't budge- try not going on them for a couple of days and see whether it makes a difference xx

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