Hi, i have been on ss+ - ish for the last 2 weeks. i lost 5.9k in the first week and then gained .1k this week. I cant really complain as i had 1.5 days off for my birthday and had plenty so i should be very happy! I always like to set myself up so i started the diet (again) a week before my birthday. i thought i could probably lose about a stone in the first week (which i did) and then went to a 5 star hotel for my birthday with mini bars, breakfast included etc! I decided that i would allow myself 31.5 hours off (the night in the hotel and my whole birthday day to have what i wanted. I did this. i got back on it and apart from 5 little chips from my sisters bowl with my salad, i have been 100% ss+ since.
So why am i so down on myself!?
I just wanted to share my thoughts as i often start and stop.... AT ABOUT 10 DAYS TO 2 WEEKS! I self sabotage. I am a perfectionist!
I have decided to try and fail better... and i am doing that.
So why feeling bleugh? Because i have dieted many times before and 'last time i lost this much by this point' and 'before i could do such and such but now i cant'.
I have to stop judging myself against myself. I am a human being and we are not predictable!
How come we can pig out on a diet and lose weight that week? How come we can be angelic and gain 2lbs? I am here to tell myself that it is 'just because'! I am made up of cells, blood, bones and lots of other lovely, contrary, complicated stuff and i cant control the variables of my hormones, how my body reacts to pain medication, how the sun will shine or the wind will blow........
But i can try and keep on keeping on and eventually, as sure as night turns to day, that .1k will go and more will folllow...... i just need to have my packs, and my water, and my veggies and my protein or whatever......
Thanks for being here and sharing in me talking myself into sticking with it.